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  • Comprehensive “fool proof” scheduling
  • Electronic visit verification (EVV, Telephony, GPS)
  • Invoicing, electronic billing/claims

I’d pay $5 a day for just one of these benefits. Together, they make CareWhen a bargain!
-August Systems client

What can a web based scheduling software service like CareWhen do for your agency?

Foolproof Scheduling

Schedule single and repeating visits with equal ease, matching client needs to caregiver skills. Unassigned and incorrectly assigned visits are easy to spot. You can confirm the schedule while the client is still on the phone.  An accurate schedule keeps your agency running smoothly.


EVV proves your caregivers are performing their job and tasks and insures you are in compliance with federal and state EVV mandates. Also with CareWhen’s caregiver compliance tracking (reminders), you keep caregivers up to date with licensing, training, etc.

Fewer phone calls

CareWhen eliminates most internal phone calls, leaving the lines open for clients. Your caregivers check their schedules online. Your Scheduler contacts them by texting. You can broadcast notices and reminders via voice mail.

Happy clientsaugust systems homecare

What makes clients happy? Seeing known and preferred caregivers who are always on time. Receiving care exactly as promised. Getting billed for the right number of hours. CareWhen makes it easy to meet all those expectations.

Information at your fingertips

CareWhen organizes and securely stores your agency’s information online. You can view and update it with a PC, Mac, or tablets. You can generate well-formatted invoices, as well as highly useful management reports.

CareWhen saves us work, improves our care,  insures client loyalty, and enhances our reputation.
– August Systems client

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