Save huge amounts of time preparing and billing your Medicaid claims electronically!

Medicaid Billinghome health care scheduling solutions

CareWhen is unique in billing Medicaid electronically, in 837 HIPAA-compliant format, directly from the completed visits (designated as Medicaid payor) on your schedule.

Step 1 approve visits. Step 2 generate and download claim file. Step 3 submit to your state Medicaid authority. All done in minutes from CareWhen!

Accurate claims insure you are reimbursed quickly!

  • Labor savings: No data entry required
  • Time savings: No data entry delay
  • Revenue protection: Every completed visit gets billed, with no errors

Once you start using Medicaid Billing, you will wonder why you waited so long.

AutoPost (Optional)

AutoPost is another feature that’s not available elsewhere.

CareWhen verifies, and posts electronically, each paid visit on the electronic Remittance Advice from Medicaid, to each completed Medicaid visit on your CareWhen schedule.

Any unpaid visits, or visits paid a different amount than the amount claimed, are instantly flagged, so you can determine the reason, make needed corrections, and submit a revised electronic claim.

Agencies that verify each RA today spend hours on this tedious task. And, those that don’t verify leave money on the table. AutoPost is the answer for them both.

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