You invest your time:

It takes time to investigate and evaluate alternative solutions to your business needs. Your investment pays off only if the system you select works out for you, year after year.

We invest our resources:

It takes technical, support, and marketing resources to sign you up as a subscriber. Our investment pays off only if you continue to subscribe your system, year after year.


How we strive to achieve mutual success:

Sign Up

We help you configure and cost-justify your system. This service is completely free.

1. Home-Care system selection is a far reaching decision—one which you don’t want to revisit for a long time. That’s why we don’t rush you. You are in the driver’s seat from the moment you contact us.

2. Defining Needs: We first find out what you hope to achieve―is it cost control, growth, regulation compliance, or quality? Next, we learn about your particular situation―how big is your agency, how you staff your office, what system you use today, etc.

3. Defining the Solution: This is where you can truly benefit from our experience. We can help you arrive at a system configuration that best meets your needs.

4. Cost Quote: Your subscription includes user license and support. Training is additional. We give you a detailed quote that spells out every charge, along with the account agreement.

5. Live Demo: As a final step, we remotely demonstrate our software, so you can visualize how it will simplify your work and improve your quality of care.

6. Signing Up: As soon as you return the completed agreement, along with your initial payment, you are signed up.


Once you sign up, we install your custom configuration in our data center, and activate your account.

You don’t have to wait around once you sign up for the system, because the sooner you start using it, the sooner you reap the reward.

Knowing the urgency you feel, we closely manage your account activation. We keep you in the loop every step of the way.


To configure the system for your agency, we gather the following types of information by phone:

  • How your agency operates?
  • Who will use the system, to do what?
  • Which options you want turned on or off?
  • What business terminology you prefer?

We train you via video, and phone, watch you use the system, and answer your questions.

Although several employees can be trained at one time, the training focuses on your lead operator. The lead operator should be knowledgeable about your operation, a computer user, and someone with appropriate trust and authority.
  • Video Training: Our variety of videos target different functionality of the systems. This allows you to view and learn at your pace. Videos are an excellent way to train new employees.
  • Live Training: The training is conducted at your facility, via remote conferencing. The trainer can monitor the trainee’s computer during the training session. The actual training may span over several sessions, so users can apply what they learn.
  • Training Goals: The first goal is to make the lead operator 100% comfortable in using the system. The second goal is to establish maintenance procedures that insure efficient and trouble-free operation.

Your trainers also provide on-going support. When you need help, all you have to do is call.

We offer the best user support in the industry. Just ask any of our customers. Here is why:
  • It’s fast and easy: All you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Others make you search through pages and pages of online help.
  • You are not kept waiting: During office hours, your call goes right to our Support Center, not to an answering service.
  • You get the right answer: Our experienced reps know Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice business inside out. Of course, they know our products too.
  • Our Support Center has immediate access to our technical staff and software engineers.

Your subscription includes software updates. They keep your system current.

As a part of our support commitment, we regularly update your software, so your system remains current. Here’s what you gain from our diligence:
  • Compatibility with changing industry standards.
  • Compliance with regulatory change, e.g. Medicare.
  • Numerous enhancements, small and large.

In addition, you may upgrade your system at any time to add new features.

As your needs change, so can your system. Software upgrades bring new features and benefits to you. Look at the extensive list of features we offer. You can avail yourself of any of them, at any time.

We always design our upgrades to work with your existing system, so your investment in data and training is protected.